Affordable Arizona home insurance quotes

The best way to find the most competitive Arizona home insurance quotes is by looking right where you are now, online. We not only help you compare different offerings and discounts but we also provide helpful information to make sure you get the very best deal possible.

There are numerous ways to cut costs on premiums and one of them is to bundle your policies under a single carrier. The discounts are often significant, because carriers want all of your business and are willing to give you credit for bundling.  It’s even better if you have been with the same company for years: it may have a customer loyalty or longevity credit that is worth asking about.

Go beyond home insurance minimums

A standard policy with state or lender mandated limits should be considered just a starting point. You are going to have to determine what other coverage might be wise. For example, you should know that flood insurance and earthquake insurance are both separate schedules that you will pay extra for. They are not included in a standard policy. Neither are valuable items, like jewelry, collections, antiques and artwork. Consumers often forget that pricey electronics will also require a separate policy. It’s wise to do an inventory of all your valuables so you understand what is at stake and are covered appropriate.

Keep a file with all receipts for furniture, appliances and other items so that you have that information handy should you need it for a claim. Many consumers videotape or photograph valuables, as well, to prove ownership. These are tips that will come in handy should you suffer a theft of natural disaster.

Retirees may get home insurance discounts

If you are a retiree and over the age of 55 you may be able to get a discount if live full-time in your dwelling as your permanent address and do not leave to go to work. Insurers like the idea of someone being around the house to deter theft.

Another good theft deterrent is a monitored home security system. If you have one, expect to find some good discounts because these systems lower your risk. Simply living in a gated community will also lower your rate.

If recent renovations have included a new roof, plumbing or wiring you may also get dollars off for those improvements.

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